Our Services

The Amato Shipyard is today a point of reference especially in the province of Syracuse and Ragusa for everything related to the naval world. For over 20 years our customers have continued to choose our know-how, taking care of providing assistance and different types of services that you find listed below:

Hauling, launching and handling

The Amato shipyard performs pulling and launching services by means of travellift with capacity up to 160 t. The boat is wrapped with special bands and transported to the appropriate location in order to carry out the required work.

Electrical maintenance

The Amato shipyard offers electrical maintenance and installation services for the entire electrical system. The works carried out are then certified by qualified internal personnel.

Mechanical maintenance

The Amato shipyard offers mechanical maintenance services, as well as the installation of new engines. The works carried out are then certified by qualified internal personnel.

Ordinary maintenance

The Amato shipyard offers ordinary maintenance services starting from the small boat up to the luxury hull. The works carried out are then certified by qualified internal personnel.

Painting and spraying

The Amato shipyard team is made up of qualified personnel in specific sectors. The painting works are entrusted to personnel specialized in both roller and spray painting. Furthermore, it is made with innovative machinery and certified professional products and equipped with technical data sheets. We also carry out painting, polishing and cleaning of hulls.

Teak construction and restoration

The Amato shipyard offers teak construction, replacement and repair services.

Caulking works

After a careful safety check, the Amato shipyard carries out bresivation, nailing and caulking works, all thanks to the hands of skilled workers and under the careful supervision of Filippo Amato, shipwright and founder of the shipyard.

New constructions of all kinds

The Amato shipyard boasts a team of specialized and continuously trained experts able to conceive, design and build new constructions of all types and sizes with materials such as wood, resin or metals. The shipyard also has state-of-the-art vehicles and machinery.

Restoration of vintage boats

Specialists in the restoration of vintage boats thanks to Filippo Amato’s shipwright thirty years experience, founder of the Amato shipyard in 1993.

25 berths for boats

The yard also gives the possibility to park small boats up to a maximum of 25, being equipped with a jetty and also allows you to use the necessary comforts for your boat.

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